SandBox ArchitectTM

Simulate complex 2D and 3D stack
profiles to predict process outcomes


Create 2D and 3D stack Profiles

The SandBox ArchitectTM is a handy 2D and 3D drawing tool for creating and visualizing your stack structures. Its versatile drawing features allows users to design and specify stack with as much or a little detail as you need.

Starting Profile

In the SandBox ArchitectTM workflow, you start by specifying your starting structure or profile. Each version of the Architect in SandBox Studio comes preloaded with stack materials. After selecting a material, you can easily define a layer with unique features including curvatures, sidewall angles, and sharp interfaces

Target Profile

Once you have defined the starting profile, you can specify your target profile by removing or adding layers using SandBox’s intuitive toolbox.

The geometries defined for your starting profiles and target profiles integrate readily with our SandBox AnalyticsTM models.

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