SandBox EnvisionTM

Visualize multi-dimensional process
spaces and co-optimize for multiple
experimental objectives


Our Capabilities

At SandBox, we strive to build tools to help your process engineers move as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Semiconductor trench feature profile simulation using SandBox Envision

Perform Profile Simulations

Using SandBox™ Envision topography simulator, our customers can better understand the fundamental mechanisms of feature evolution in their etch and deposition processes. Our topography simulator links directly with the SandBox™ Architect so that etch fronts can be propagate over complex 2D and 3D geometries.

Design Complex Recipes and Visualize Large Scale Process Spaces

We help our customers visualize multi-dimensional process spaces using our patent-pending visualization tools. Using Quilt™, we create 2D representations of complex process spaces helping engineers to follow the data.

Co-optimize for multiple recipe objectives

Recipe development today requires optimizing for multiple process objectives in very narrow process regions. With QuiltTM in SandBoxTM Envision, our customers can search over N-dimensional process spaces to quickly identify the recipe parameters that meet their process criteria.

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