SandBox OculusTM

Streamline your process development
workflow through enhanced collaboration


Made for Engineers by Engineers

The SandBox OculusTM forms the backbone for all of SandBox Studio’s analytics and visualization applications. Its interface is designed to eliminate all the background noise and enable engineers to focus on their science

A repository for institutional tribal knowledge

The SandBox OculusTM sharing and collaboration tools allow engineers to securely store, organize, and share all their data—in real-time.The SandBox OculusTM interface is tailored for the engineer, encouraging adoption and reducing average time to data entry from weeks to hours

Design Complex Recipes

The SandBox OculusTM interactive Recipe Builder allows users to design intricate recipe workflows and perform multistep experimental design

Build Reports Instantaneously

The SandBox OculusTM allows users to instantaneously generate beautiful reports in Office applications so that you can present your work without worrying about the details

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