Powered by SandBox Studio

Developed in partnership with Department of Energy

STEER™ Powered by SandBox Studio™, also called “STEER”, is a high-performance computing virtual simulation environment being developed in partnership with the United States Department of Energy that will reduce the cost of developing and deploying roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication lines.

R2R electronic manufacturing is the process of creating electronic devices on a roll of flexible plastic or metal foil. Akin to a rotary printing press, R2R processing involves a continuous, rolling feed such that it enables higher throughput and lower cost manufacturing than traditional semiconductor fabrication which requires multiple process steps. To scale up a R2R line, each R2R unit process must be optimized sequentially to produce the desired process outcome. This optimization process can be very challenging and requires prospective R2R users to take on a large upfront R&D burden.

STEER™ is designed to solve this problem. STEER™ is made up of physics-based R2R process models and plugs directly into SandBox Studio. With STEER’s virtual simulation environment, our customers can forgo R&D costs and directly predict, design, and optimize entire R2R process lines.


STEER’s high-performance computing R2R simulation environment decreases the risk and uncertainty of R2R technology adoption for material and equipment manufacturers and enable the numerous benefits of R2R manufacturing to at last be realized.


Design a R2R process line


Simulate R2R process outcomes


Optimize unit process parameters