WeaveTM Streamlines Image Processing

Increase measurement accuracy and reduce metrology costs

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Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use

Upgrade your image analysis capabilities. Manually analyzing tens of thousands of SEM images is expensive and time consuming. Weave automates image analysis enabling engineers to eliminate human bias and increase their measurement accuracy, improve data standardization across the fab, reduce their metrology costs, and accelerate their process development workflows.


Plug and Play with SandBox Studio

Weave work synergistically with Sandbox Studio allowing engineers to quickly catalog image data and harness advance computing and visualization capabilities. Using Weave, engineers can:

    • Quickly define their recipe targets on a target profile image
    • Rapidly import new data from SEM or TEM images into the SandBox Studio database
    • Update their SandBox Studio models in real-time
    • Measure recipe performance based on SandBox Studio’s predicted profiles

Automated Image Processing

With Weave, users can measure 100s of images instantaneously with minimal effort. Simply specify the critical dimensions of interest with Weave’s user friendly interface. Weave will extract the measurements using SandBox’s proprietary edge detection technologies.

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