WeaveTM is a 2D and 3D SEM Image Analysis Tool for Critical Dimension Extraction

Enables critical dimension measurements for unique structures, Increases imaging throughput and removes human bias and increases accuracy of critical dimension measurements

Developed in partnership with

Weave TM accelerates SEM image analysis by allowing engineers to automate the extraction of user-defined critical dimension measurements. Manually analyzing tens of thousands of SEM images is expensive and time consuming. Weave automates image-analysis, reducing the metrology cost by 50% and allowing users to focus on development.

Plug and Play with SandBox Studio

WeaveTM interfaces directly with Sandbox StudioTM, enabling engineers to quickly catalog image data and harness advance computing and visualization capabilities.


Automation of process metrology will reduce user subjectivity and increase accuracy of wafer testing and enable the creation of standardized databases. Weave will enable curated image databases, facilitating data integration across fabrication facilities.